About UAC

In 2011, a group of Minneapolis actors were unsatisfied with the way their theater department casted roles and paid for their dedication. Because of this unfair treatment, these actors decided to create an organization on their own that would fairly value artists of any kind. 

UAC has funded multiple projects through the years and has instilled support for artists within communities. We have had the opportunity to develop young writers into published authors with our Writing initiative series; to see dancers with stage freight claim the stage in the spot light, to gather crowds in a celebration for the arts and we will continue to push forward for further opportunities to see our artists grow.

United Artist Collaborative is a 501(c) (3) non profit arts organization that empowers artists to create. We provide support through education, publishing, fund raising, promotion, production, equipment usage, and artistic collaboration with consideration of each individual artists's needs.


Our mission

To provide mutually beneficial support among artists of all disciplines in the creation, funding, and presentation of their works of art.

Our vision is to see the development of growth in artists and their projects as they intended.

Who is UAC

Founded by a group of Minneapolis local artists in 2013, United Artist Collaborative is now a network spread across the nation and will soon become a global force.

What UAC does

We get to know our artists and how they want to succeed. 

To better accomplish this, we debrief our artists with a short survey and explain what options are available to them. After we discuss the resources available to them and the drive they are willing to put in to their art, we begin to open the door to various opportunities best suited for them. Whether that be gigs for a musician, publishing abilities for a writer or lessons for a beginner, UAC is here to help.

What UAC HAS Achieved

  • In 2011, MN artists were unhappy with the treatment they received.
  • At the beginning January, 2013, we were an established non profit corporation sponsored by Springboard for the Arts.
  • In February, 2013, we launched our first official website and established our media outlets.
  • Through our online presence, we began to become recognizable by artists and arts communities in the state and regionally.
  • Our members established connections with the St. Louis Park school system to beginning the Writing Initiative.
  • In March, 2014, our influence created a buzz among Minneapolis as artists have come to UAC for our collaborative properties and supportive abilities.
  • Throughout 2014-2015 UAC received multiple grants to support our artists and their works, projects, and performances .
  • Became a  501(c) (3) organization as of December 22nd, 2015.
  •  In March, 2016, UAC worked with Verona Publishing to create 3 Days, a book containing short stories from St. Louis Park Middle school students 
  • In September, 2016, UAC sponsored Touché: The Musical at the JCC.
  • In January, 2017, UAC has teamed up with MirrorInk Productions to create marketing strategies for artists.