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Passport to Dance

"Passport to Dance"

Passport to Dance is a dance performance that takes you on a journey to experience different cultures. The adventure begins with two youths trying to figure out what to do after college graduation and become magically guided around the world through dance. This show is to encourage and promote unity (through dance in this case), no matter your race, religion, ethnicity, or native origin.

Below, please support our dancers by funding our Kickstarter or purchasing tickets!

 Performance Dates

  • October 20th: 7PM

  • October 21st: 7PM

  • October 22nd: 2PM

  • October 27th: 7PM

  • October 28th: 7PM                                      

  • October 29th: 2PM

 Dances involved:

 Cathy Zolkowski Wilson - Head Choreographer                                                                

Latin dance: Costa Rica Ballroom                                                                                      

West African dance: Korma Aguh and company                                                        

Bollywood dance: Bollywood Dance Scene                                                                      

Irish dance: O'Shea Irish Dance                                                                                    

Ballet: Hopkins Dance Center                                                                                        

Hip Hop by: TBD                                                                          

Native American dance: (TBD)

Later Event: April 7
Unicorn Art Show 4