Symone Smash It



Symone Smash It, along with her producer Eye Dyed, have brought 5 new electronic space-hits into the new year of 2017 that will send its listeners to another galaxy. The EDM/house/pop album, “Symulation,” is set to be released March of 2017 along with her first music video with the support of the non-profit, United Artist Collaborative.

In 2016, she began producing solely with Ableton Live to solidify her personalized sound reminiscent of the dark electronic sounds from “Purity Ring,” the dance-pop style of Lady Gaga, and the video game feel of Zedd all brought together with her Sia-like power vocals.

Her music has brought her to many stages, from the MOA to First Ave and 7th Entry, but she plans to take on as many as possible, claiming “the universe” as her stage.