The Stepping Stone

So you've looked through the starving artist and need a little more for your career at this point. 

We hear you loud and clear. With this second level membership you will receive:

  • Rotational promotion on the front page of our site
  • Access to our vendors for booking 
  • Access to our network of artists for collaboration and support
  • Access to our 501 (c) (3) non profit abilities to act as your fiscal agent                                                                                         (which in short means we can and will help you through the                                                                                                      process of obtaining a grant for your projects and development)
  • Access to our discounted equipment for purchase and rentals
  • Promotion as an artist in our email letter and website database

The requirements:

  • The fee for this level is $35 USD
  • You, the artist, must produce at least two (2) public works of art/performances in your medium (if you are a singer, you must perform at two locations, if you are a painter you must display your works at two locations, and so on)
  • You must have evidence that your work or performance was displayed 
  • That's it! We want you to develop as an artist as much as possible and the best way to do so is to continue refining your skills, displaying your art, and receiving feedback!
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